Quality of road repairs comes under fire

A recently repaired patch on Craig Road, Ferryden.'Staff
A recently repaired patch on Craig Road, Ferryden.'Staff

THE QUALITY of repairs to roads in and around Ferryden came under fire at the village’s community council meeting last week.

As Angus Council continues to deal with the large numbers of potholes that have opened up across the area and county due to the recent bad weather, community councillors said that some repairs are not lasting as long as should be expected.

Chairman Gordon Brown said he had received a number of complaints regarding road surfaces and repairs carried out so far.

He said: “It seems they’re not bonded at the edges and come apart very quickly.”

Mr Brown also said he was aware that other councils use a specialised machine that injects filler material into potholes and bonds them, meaning the repair process is quick and effective.

Councillor Bill Duff pointed out that Angus Council has only one “hot box” vehicle to carry out such repairs, they cost four times as much per square metre compared to traditional methods although he added that the repairs tend to be “a better standard.”

He said: “The problem is that once a pothole has been reported, the roads department has to repair it within a certain number of days and if it’s done in bad weather it doesn’t last long but they’re caught because if it’s left and someone drives over it damaging their vehicle, they can claim against the council.”

Mr Duff also said that the roads department is currently “snowed under” dealing with potholes although he, and fellow councillor David May, have both passed on lists of local areas requiring attention.

Mr May added: “This process came in relatively recently and hopefully, over the next two to three years, the council will buy more machines.”