Rapid response to deal with spills

A Montrose company is using a new mobile response unit to help protect the countryside against accidental oil and diesel spills.

Rix Petroleum keeps the unit, fully equipped to deal with fuel spillages, on permanent standby at its local depot, and others around the country, for quick deployment anywhere it is needed to deal with an emergency.

The trailer comes complete with absorbent materials plus booms to contain spills of domestic heating oil, farm fuel and commercial fuels as well as other equipment to clean up a site after an accident.

Using Ifor Williams Trailers, supplied by Hull-based Ripon Farm Services, means the equipment can be taken quickly to a variety of different sites, from farms and homes to road accidents or industrial premises.

Steve Moody, Rix health and safety manager, said: “We very rarely have to use the equipment, but it’s on constant stand-by.

“We would use it if there was an accident with a tanker out on the road, or if there’s a spill with a tank while it is being filled, or a problem with a customer’s tank at some point.

“Touch wood, we never have to use the equipment, but it’s good to know it’s ready at a moment’s notice.

“We needed something that was easy to transport and to hitch-up quickly, and able to get to different locations easily, and so the trailers seemed the perfect, and economic, answer to what we required.”

“As a responsible, independent, family-owned company built over 140 years, we see environmental management as an important responsibility and we take practical measures to comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations as a minimum standard.”

Rix specialises in supplying and delivering domestic heating oil, farm fuel and commercial fuels to thousands of customers around the country with depots in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Shropshire, the West Midlands and Norfolk.