Reader sees hazards on path from caravans to beach

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A REGULAR visitor to the South Links Caravan Park has contacted the Review about the path which runs from the Park to the beach.

It is signposted from within the caravan park - To the Beach.

When you go through a gate to the path and turn left you find the path splits, and one leg runs along the back of the caravan park.

This leg bears a sign: ‘Pedestrian footpath to the beach provided by Glaxo Wellcome Operations’.

Our reader has a number of concerns about the path.

Firstly, there are numerous ‘dog poo bags’ scattered along it. When the Review visited, at least a dozen were very obvious.

The gentleman says he has asked Angus Council for dog poo bins but nothing has been done.

The path is becoming very overgrown, and the whin bushes on the beach side are thick and fairly close to the wooden fence around the caravans, which have gas bottles.

“This is an obvious fire risk,” he told us. “And the fence is not far from a row of residential caravans.

“Fire in whin bushes is not unknown.”

He went on to say that the route to the beach is very popular, and that it deserves to be better maintained than it is.

He added that he has even seen visitors cleaning up the path.

A spokesman for GSK said the path was constructed in 1999 as part of a £2.5 million scheme to strengthen sea defences along 700 metres of foreshore to the east of its 45-acre site. It leads to the site of the former lifeboat station.

GSK believes that on completion of the project the path was handed over to Angus Council which accepted responsibility for the path.

Angus Council is still checking the status of the path, and a spokeswoman confirmed it would honour any responsibility that it has.