Readers instigate debate on gulls


LAST year the Review carried a series of news stories about gulls, and the problems that they were causing not only to adults and children, but their dogs, too.

This year we decided to wait until we were contacted by a reader before carrying any story, in case the pro-gull lobby accused us of creating a story, rather than following it.

But soon after making that decision Lesley Gill posted on our Facebook Wall.

Lesley wrote: “I just wondered if it would be possible for another small article to be published in The Review reminding people about NOT feeding seagulls, or their young!

“It seems some people did not read previous articles. We have a major problem with gulls here in Bents Road and particularly at this time of year when the young gulls are learning to fly, and the parents become even more vicious!”

Quickly Tracy Smith replied: “It’s like that here too, Lesley, at Chapel Bond.”

Lesley responded: “The baby gulls are using our cul-de-sac/gardens as a safe haven whilst learning to fly ... getting swooped at (even my cat!) when going out of the house! And it doesn’t help when people are feeding them!”

And Jackie Collie wrote: “I agree ... I noticed a wifie feeding them beside me ... gave her some look ...”

But Lynda McKillop tried to see things from the gulls’ point of view, and wrote: “They are only trying to protect their babies. Would you not do the same? We are not the only ones on this earth and should respect all animals/nature.”

This brought Lesley Gill back to the debate, writing: “I see your side of the argument but it is not good when your children are getting swooped at by large vicious birds!”

And she concluded: “So you see I am looking after my babies too!”