Rotarians have balanced view

DURING the past two meetings of Montrose Rotary Club members have witnessed presentations relevant to the proposed installation of wind turbines adjacent to the GSK factory in the town.

The first was given by Ian Morrow of GSK who explained the reasons behind the proposal emphasising his company’s stated policy to reduce its carbon footprint by generating sufficient energy to power the Montrose plant.

Although not particularly relevant to the current situation it was interesting to learn that the first wind powered turbine was invented by William Blyth of Marykirk, who was educated at Montrose Academy. The apparatus was located in his garden and provided power to light his house.

While not directly addressing the turbine issue Sandy Munro, a member of the Montrose Society and a stalwart for the preservation of the town’s heritage, gave a presentation entitled ‘The Montrose Skyline’ which featured views of the town from the 17th Century to date, culminating in a scene from Scurdyness in which the turbines were superimposed.

The illustrations included works by local artists Edward Baird, William Lamb and John Myles, each one featuring the dominance of the steeple posing the question of whether or not the erection of the proposed turbines would spoil the appearance of the town’s skyline.

It was left to individual Rotarians to reach their own conclusion as to the merits of both cases.