Scottish water is the best value in the UK

SCOTTISH Water has announced that the average water charge in Scotland is £54 a year less than the average in England and Wales.

And that’s £2 better than the year before.

With an average household charge of £334 in Scotland compared to £388 pounds in England and Wales, Scottish Water is still able to invest around £500 million a year to improve Scotland’s water infrastructure.

Douglas Millican, Chief Executive of Scottish Water, said: “Scottish Water recognises the pressures facing customers and public finances. That is why we are continuing to deliver improved service while we ensure our customers have among the lowest increases in charges for 2013/14.

“Drinking water quality is the best it has ever been and the environment, which has improved from 2002 when Scottish Water took over, will see major investment in the next few years to ensure a greener Scotland.

“We are tackling changing climate and ensuring we make the right decisions for communities across the country. This is an exciting time for Scottish Water. Hundreds of projects are under way across the country as our five-year investment programme continues.

“This period will see us match the efficient service of the water industry south of the border. We are determined to do even better and deliver more savings for customers and the Scottish Government.”