South links flooding dealt with by Angus Council

RECENT heavy rain showers exposed a capacity problem with the soakaway drains between the Splash Park and South Links Caravan Site.

This had resulted in severe flooding, with the road having to be closed on numerous occasions over June and July as the lying water refused to disperse.

Local Independent councillor Mark Salmond said: “I had been contacted by the owners of the businesses in the beach area to alert me to this problem.

“They were very concerned that the road closure was causing a dramatic drop in the visitor numbers to Montrose’s Premier Beach Splash Park.”

Councillor Salmond asked Angus Councils roads department to investigate the flooding and it was established that the existing soakaway drains required to be replaced with larger capacity drains.

He went on: “This issue needed to be solved very quickly to allow the road to remain open after heavy rain showers, and I was delighted at how quickly the roads department responded to my request to have the drains upgraded.

“Work began within a few days and was completed over two days last week.

“As these drains cannot be connected to the main sewers but rely on the soakaway principle the new larger drains may not solve the flooding permanently under extreme heavy rain, but should go a long way towards reducing the problem dramatically.

“I have spoken to the business owners at the beach since the works have been completed and they tell me they are delighted at the swift action taken by Angus Council to help deal with this problem.”