Strong support for regeneration

ProposalS to redevelop the south area of Montrose have attracted almost unanimous support from consultees.

More than 40 responses to Angus Council’s draft development masterplan have been lodged with the authority after its public consultation in October during which the proposals were displayed in a day-long exhibition at the George Hotel.

The results were considered on Tuesday by the council’s infrastructure services committee and in his report director Eric Lowson said that there had been a “very positive response”. He also asked councillors to agree to take the project forward through an informal steering group.

He did, however, note that additional detailed investigation and assessment will be required on a number of matters before a commitment can be given to a new road.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), as a statutory consultee, raised concerns regarding potential flood impact and sustainable urban drainage.

Historic Scotland emphasised the requirements of the listed building process as proposals are drawn up while Scottish Natural Heritage pointed out that the implications for the Basin of the development’s scale should also be considered.

Mr Lowson said: “There were concerns by some residents to the impact on their property values and amenity from the proposed new stretch of roadway.

“In some matters, further discussions and consultation with statutory agencies, local businesses and residents on the points raised during the early consultation process are required. Action on some of these matters has commenced, in particular various discussions have been held with landowners and business interests and a consultancy study is now under way to consider detailed design issues on the section of new road and impact on property.”

He added that, at this stage, only the broad vision for the area and outline planning guidelines can be established.