Tips to save power by Hydro Electric

SCOTTISH Hydro is urging customers to think about the energy they use over the festive season – and reap the rewards in cost savings.

In December and into the New Year, many people will leave Christmas lights on overnight and even when not at home. This costs money and results in unnecessary carbon emissions.

Scottish Hydro says lights should be switched off when no-one is there to enjoy them. Or timers can be fitted to do this automatically. Switching to LED (light emitting diode) lights can save up to 90 per cent compared to the energy traditional lights use, lasting up to 10 times longer.

Scottish Hydro’s energy efficiency manager, Craig Thompson, has some other easy-to-adopt energy saving festive tips which he encourages households to take up over the festive season and continue into the New Year.

When cooking Christmas dinner, always use the right size of pan for your cooking ring – that way you won’t be paying to heat the air around the pot as well as the contents. Keep lids on pots to reduce cooking times. Cutting veg into smaller pieces can also speed up cooking time.

Only fill the kettle as much as you need – but make sure you cover the metal element at the base.

If you’re going away for Christmas, turn the central heating down a little. A general rule would be to ensure it stays above 12 degrees to prevent pipes freezing.

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