VIDEO: Otters at Murton Nature Reserve for first time

Otters have been spotted at the Murton Nature Reserve for the first time since it opened 10 years ago.

The mammals have been captured on camera.

Otters have been spotted at Murton Nature Reserve

Otters have been spotted at Murton Nature Reserve

Alison Elliott, manager at Murton Trust, said: “In the year we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the opening of our reserve we are delighted otters have moved onto our site.

“Ten years ago the land was still recovering from over a decade of sand and gravel extraction and we have worked hard to create habitats and enhance our site to allow nature to thrive.

“The presence of otters on our land is a wonderful example of the successful restoration of our site.

“We have been monitoring the otter activity for the last three months and are hopeful that they have now established their territory and will thrive here.

“Do let us know if you are lucky enough to catch sight of one of our otters when you are here.”

Alison wanted to remind members of the public to remain on the path network at all times when visiting the reserve.