Explosive device

BECAUSE of the changing tides, a suspected explosive device found on Montrose Beach last Saturday could not be finally dealt with until four days later.

On Saturday, January 7, a report was passed to Tayside police of an item on the beach believed to be a bomb.

Montrose coastguard, Tayside Police and Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) carried out a search.

It was believed to be at the low tide mark and the exact location could not be confirmed. As a similarly low tide would not take place for a few days, it was decided to revisit the scene when that occurred.

In the meantime, daily checks of the area were also carried out in case the object moved to a higher location on the beach.

At 7.30am on Wednesday EOD and Tayside Police, along with Montrose HM Coastguard team, set off to re-locate the item at the low tide.

It was found to be a Second World War piece of ordnance and was safely destroyed with a small detonation by the EOD, just after 9am.

At 5.15 the same day police received a report of another device on the Montrose beach.

Police and HM Coastguard visited the site and carried out an inspection - after viewing the device it was declared safe and found to be an old metal pot upside down and practically covered by sand.

The item was removed from the beach.

With sands changing with every tide, walkers and other beach users are advised that if they see any item that looks unusual to stay clear of it, make a note of its location and report immediately by dialling 999 and asking for the Coastguard.

They are also encouraged to walk in a direct line from the item up to the sand dunes and place a stick or other item into the ground as a marker to allow an easier search should the tide become an issue. Beaches known to have devices are Montrose, St Cyrus and Lunan Bay.