Fairtrade Forum sorts out insurance

COMMON sense appears to have prevailed and saved a leaflet hand-out by the Montrose Fairtrade Forum at Tesco.

The event is set for Saturday, April 6, 2013, and agreement on the date and times had been reached.

However, the letter of confirmation also said that the Forum should have public liability insurance in force and be able to produce a certificate proving this upon request.

The Fairtrade Foundation was contacted, but their insurance does not extend to Fairtrade towns; however, their insurers would sell the Montrose group as separate policy.

Local members felt that the risks to humanity of handing out leaflets were not great, and further contact was made with the Tesco charity co-ordinator in London.

When the situation was explained, there was agreement that as long as the local Tesco contact is satisfied, the requirement will be waived.

During the most recent meeting of the local Forum, it was reported that a one-off meeting of Fairtrade church representatives had taken place, with five churches represented and apologies from a further three.

Every local church, except the Roman Catholic church, is a registered Fairtrade Church and therefore serves Fairtrade tea and coffee at church events and most have a stall in Fairtrade Fortnight.

Work is still in process over road signs proclaiming Montrose ‘A Fairtrade Town’.

There was approval of the fact that Madisons have obtained the franchise for refreshments at the new Leisure Centre, thus bringing Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar to the Centre.

It was noted that Arbroath has now received Fairtrade Town status.

The next meeting of Montrose Fairtrade Forum will be at 4pm Thursday, January 31, at Montrose Academy.