Fairtrade leaflets handed out at Tesco

MEMBERS of Montrose Fairtrade Forum are delighted with the result of their leaflet distribution at Tesco on Saturday.

Some 200 copies of the 2012 Montrose Fairtrade Town leaflets were handed out, together with 50 of the newly-issued pamphlets giving details of Fairtrade products available throughout the Angus Zone. In a good spirit of co-operation, two of the Forum members were assisted by Fairtrade reps from three of the local Fairtrade churches.

Archivist Peter Stevens commented: “One interesting aspect was that several mothers and grandmothers mentioned that their primary school children were very keen to identify and encourage them to buy Fairtrade products - a tribute to the support given by schools throughout Angus.”

The Forum held a meeting at the end of March, when there was agreement that the AGM had been a successful evening. All the speakers had been well received, there had been a good turn-out, and the stalls, refreshments and raffle had also been well-organised. The local Fairtrade churches provided stalls at the AGM: the Congregational, Inchbrayock, Melville–South and Old & St Andrew’s Churches of Scotland.

It was noted by Jodi Thomson that the Montrose Fairtrade town status will become due for renewal, and the date will be brought to the next meeting.

It was agreed that Jodi should e-mail the Forum members responsible for each area of the action plan in order to determine how much progress has been achieved so far.

Peter Stevens had made a suggestion that there should be an Angus Zone wide Fairtrade event. This was favourably received, and will be discussed at the next Fairtrade Zone meeting.

Montrose Academy was praised for holding a Fairtrade Café in Fairtrade Fortnight.

The next meeting of Montrose Fairtrade Forum will be on Thursday, May 30, at 4pm in Montrose Academy.