Ferreting out owners for new arrivals

Jimmy, one of the ferrets currently being cared for by the Scottish SPCA.
Jimmy, one of the ferrets currently being cared for by the Scottish SPCA.

STAFF at the Scottish SPCA’s Angus centre are in a ferret frenzy after taking in scores of the furry creatures in recent weeks.

The centre, at Petterden, is currently caring for six of the 35 ferrets currently in the charity’s charge and staff are desperate to find them all good, permanent homes. Many of the ferrets arrived after they were found straying, although it is likely several have actually been abandoned as few are ever reclaimed by their owners.

Superintendent Sharon Comrie said: “A ferret might not be the first animal you’d think of when considering a new pet, but in our experience they’re fantastic little creatures who can bring a great deal of enjoyment to their owners.

“Some people think ferrets are wild animals but they’re not. They’re domesticated pets that cannot survive outdoors on their own. Ferrets are highly intelligent, sociable and inquisitive creatures with lots of character. They enjoy living in single-sex pairs or groups and they can live for ten years or more.

“We have lots of friendly ferrets of various ages and personality types. From youngsters who have been raised in our centres and are easy to handle to the more timid or cheeky ferrets who would appeal to experienced owners.”

Anyone interested can contact the Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.