Ferryden for Facebook to help raise profile of community council

FERRYDEN Community Council is poised to be the first locally to publicise its activities on social networking site Facebook.

The committee is also in the process of negotiating the inclusion of a community council page on the community website ferrydenonline.co.uk.

Community councillors were keen to take the step to try to raise their profile across the whole of their area, which stretches from Rossie Island road to cover a large part of the rural district to the south and west of the village.

At their meeting on Thursday, chairman Gordon Brown said that the administrator of the village website was keen for the community council to be included.

He said: “I’ve contacted him and asked if he would be willing to host stuff for us free of charge and he has come back with a proposal.

“Something like this tying in to Facebook would be good in-roads into letting people know we’re there. People around the world can link in to Ferryden and there’s a place for people to leave comments and share memories of the village.

“It would be very easy to set up and a lot of other community organisations are already on Facebook.

“The website would also host the minutes of our last three meetings and we could even upload a map showing the whole ward area with text to go along with it.”

Member Daniel Paton questioned whether the fact the community council covers more than just the village would be a problem.

He said: “It’s a Ferryden website and the community council is supposed to represent the wider area, which could possibly be an issue although what has been suggested here seems reasonable enough.

“Setting up a website is not that difficult and not necessarily expensive, the trouble is maintaining it.”

At a previous meeting it had even been suggested that the community council changes its name from Ferryden and Craig to better reflect the wider area it covers, but the idea was abandoned after chairman Gordon Brown said to do so would make it “more long-winded” than it is at the moment.

It was also suggested that the organisation could produce its own newsletter, which could be distributed through the school, which was also put forward as a possible location for a community council noticeboard.

Local councillors David May and Paul Valentine pointed out that copies of the newsletter could also be lodged at Montrose Library and the village shop for public perusal.

Secretary Gordon Paterson said the school had been contacted about the possibility of distributing a newsletter via the pupils and hosting a noticeboard but has yet to respond.

Member Ingram Bruce said: “As long as we get the minutes into as many places as possible it can’t be said that we haven’t made any attempt.”