Ferryden postal facility

FERRYDENERS are being urged to use the village’s new postal service to ensure that the outreach facility has a secure future.

The service, located at Inchbrayock Church Hall, was introduced at the beginning of the month, following public consultation by Post Office Limited.

The company had to temporarily close the Ferryden branch in April following the resignation of the sub postmaster and the withdrawal of premises for Post Office use.

At last Thursday’s meeting of Ferryden Community Council, chairman Gordon Brown highlighted that the service has now started and has been used already by some local people, although he did not know exactly how many.

Local Councillor Mark Salmond added that the opening had also been publicised by a sign placed at the entrance to the village.

Councillor David May urged the community to make use of the facility in the hope that the current weekly service might be extended. He said: “The more people who use it, the more chance there is of increasing the amount of time it’s here.”

The ‘travelling post office’ operates for five hours per week, on Wednesdays between 9.30am and 12pm and a Friday between 1pm and 3.30pm.