Ferryden roads issues tackled

ROAD signage at the entrance to Ferryden is to be improved to address safety concerns voiced by residents.

Local councillor David May said the issue of “confusing” signs at the roundabout outside the village had been raised at a recent community council meeting.

There had also been instances of HGVs missing the turn-off for the harbour and entering the village only to have to turn round, causing difficulties for residents.

He has since raised the matter with Angus Council’s roads department and said the signage is to be clarified over the next two weeks.

He said: “I was told that there have been regular problems as the marking on the road has led to some confusion and safety concerns. This was looked at in detail by the roads officer and in the course of the next two weeks the marking on the signage on the road will be changed.”

Mr May added that the new signage should also help to tackle the problems with HGVs.

He said: “I quickly checked up on this and took pictures on the signage to the port and then discussed these with the officer concerned and this will lead to action to change the angle of the sign.

“This will be monitored to see if it has the desired outcome so that vehicles, especially the large ones, entering the port no longer drive into Ferryden.”

Mr May also said he had raised similar concerns the roads department over problems near Lochside School and in Hillside.

He said: “I was contacted about near-accidents caused by faded road markings near Lochside school as well as at the end of Main Road in Hillside. Following a site meeting I have been told that the roads will be relined in the very near future and hopefully resolve the problems.

“However, I would encourage residents to either contact the Access line on 673280 or me either by telephone on 830673 or cllrmay@angus.gov.uk for help.”