Ferryden shop and post office closure shocks residents

Ferryden shop and post office, which closed its doors last week.
Ferryden shop and post office, which closed its doors last week.

FERRYDEN lost its shop and post office on Friday as a result of the difficult economic climate.

Brian Noble, who has owned the shop for five years, told the Review: “I regret shutting the shop but it just doesn’t pay the bills.”

With little passing traffic flow in Ferryden, Mr Noble relied largely on the residents of the village and this alone was not enough to support the shop.

He also owns the hairdressing business beside the shop and added: “There was no foreseeable future for it, but the adjoining hair salon will still trade.

“The shop needed to take in at least another £400 to keep it open and to pay a wage.”

One local woman, who didn’t wish to be named, said: “I frequently use the post office as it’s over the road from my house and as I’m disabled it’s very handy. Montrose is too much hassle for me to travel to.”

Many of the people of Ferryden have free bus passes and admit to using these in order to get to supermarkets in Montrose where the prices are cheaper.

Mr Noble commented: “Perhaps it’s not an ideal location for this type of shop nowadays.”

David May, the local Liberal Democrat councillor who is convener of roads and infrastructure, said: “The post office is essential for the village and I’m going to make contact with its headquarters to find out why it has closed. People are having to come from Ferryden to Montrose and it is no good for the elderly or people with young families.”

A Post Office Ltd., spokeswoman said: “Post Office Ltd., would like to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience as a result of this unavoidable temporary closure.”

The spokeswoman added: “Post Office Ltd., is committed to providing post office services in Ferryden and would like to assure our customers that every effort is being made to restore a service as soon as possible.”