Ferryden student raising funds for Scout trip to Namibia

Ewan and Phoebe at their coffee morning
Ewan and Phoebe at their coffee morning

A Ferryden student has teamed up with a university friend to help fundraise for a Scout trip to Namibia, to help build a school.

Ewan Lewis, who is from Ferryden, and Pheobe McCulloch met at Stirling University, and found they shared a love of Scouting.

Phoebe explained: “To my disappointment, I saw that the university was not affiliated with the SSAGO, the Scottish scouting and guiding association.

“However, this did not deter me and so I Googled local scout groups in the area of Stirling and was allocated to 4th/6th Stirling scout group. Since then both me and Ewan have volunteered there most Friday evenings.”

The leader of the group, Colin Robertson, is involved with fundraising and offered Ewan and Phoebe the chance to help in Namibia.

The project involved building a school, kindergarten and a market garden.

Phoebe added: “Most importantly for us, the main reason was to establish a Scouting movement in Namibia. Scouting has given both Ewan and I so many opportunities.”

The duo are currently fundraising for the project, which takes place in July 2017. A coffee morning in Ferryden was part of their efforts.

Individually, the pair are raising £2000 for flights and personal equipment and as a Group they are raising £50,000 to build the school/market garden.

They added: “We are seeking sponsors in the local area to help towards costings.”