Fine to double for dog foulers

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From April 1, the fine for dog owners who don’t pick up after their pets goes up from £40 to £80.

A Scottish Government consultation on responsible dog ownership received overwhelming public support for an increase in hike in the fine. Scottish Parliament approved the penalty hike and the moves will bring this fine in line with the penalty for littering.

Angus Council officers will be out on patrol to enforce the legislation, so please bag and bin your pet’s poop rather instead of finding yourself out of pocket.

As well as the fixed penalty, the Scottish Government is also considering how to develop a more robust system to tackle the issue of collecting unpaid penalties.

Councillor Jeanette Gaul, chairperson of our Pride in Place group, said: “There really is no excuse for people who don’t clear up after their dogs. It’s unpleasant, anti-social and potentially a very serious health risk, for children in particular. What’s more, as the fixed penalty makes perfectly clear, it is against the law.

“Bag it and bin it. If you don’t, you will count the cost. The price of this type of irresponsible dog ownership is now £80.”

Scottish Government minister for community safety and legal affairs, Paul Wheelhouse hopes the increased penalty will act as a greater deterrent for people who do not take responsibility for their pets and clean up after them.

Keep Scotland Beautiful also welcome the doubling of the fixed penalty notice for dog fouling - a measure supported by 63 per cent of people in a YouGov Poll commissioned by KSB last year.

Angus has around 1600 dual litter and dog waste bins available for use. There really is no excuse for not picking up after your pet.

Anyone who spots someone not cleaning up after their dog can report it online on our report dog fouling page.

Dog bags are available for sale at ANGUSalive ACCESS offices, libraries, leisure centres and Ranger’s centres at a price of 20p for 25 bags.