Flooding issues continue

MEASURES to try to tackle long-term flooding problems in Ferryden are still being pursued.

At last week’s community council meeting, member Rose Mallie said the subject had been raised again with one of Angus Council’s roads officers during a general discussion about roads issues in the village.

Problems arise during periods of heavy rainfall or flash storms due to run-off from saturated land pouring into gardens in Ogilvie Terrace and Hillview Crescent and flooding the village’s main street.

Despite field drainage work having been carried out already by a local farmer, whose fields lie behind the village, it continues to be an issue.

Ferryden’s problem was included in a report on county-wide flooding issues which went before Angus Council’s infrastructure services committee last October. Director Eric Lowson said meetings had been held in the past with members of the public, councillors and Angus Council staff although the run-off problem was considered to be “a private issue.”

He said: “Officers met with representatives from the community council and have agreed to offer design input regarding the possible construction of a ditch to a piped outfall subject to land entry for construction of the ditch, capacity of the pipe system, Scottish Water agreement to enter their system and community contributions being negotiated and facilitated by the community council.”

At last Thursday’s meeting Mr Valentine said the matter of drainage had again been raised.

He said: “I’ve contacted Scottish Water and have a meeting with a representative next week. A pipe running along the bottom of the field and possibly tying that in with Scottish Water’s network, which would probably solve the problem for the houses, was discussed, but we would need the farmer’s approval. There’s still quite a bit of work to do.”