Flowers really float my boat

My latest obsession is, er, pot plants.

Yes OK it isn’t very rock and roll for a 23-year-old to get excited by petunias and sunflowers but I genuinely enjoy planting them!

At my house, nestled in the countryside out at Luthermuir, I have decking out the back which is smothered with pots.

I have petunias, trailing things (I’m not too-hot on the names of them yet), sunflowers, a purple thing that looks like little rockets that go into space and lettuces!

I have a greenhouse where I am growing tomatoes and a vegetable patch full of potatoes and some rather sad looking onions!

There is something about planting little seeds and watching them flourish that I am hooked on!

I have a few poppies sprinkled out the front of the house and they are sprouting nicely.

I was a little disappointed to learn that some of the flowers I have chose to grown aren’t going to return next year because they don’t and you have to re-plant them!

My next mission is to create a pond in the back garden as part of the RSPB’s ‘Giving Nature a Home’ campaign.