Flytipping near Montrose Basin

Waste dumped off Esk Road, Montrose
Waste dumped off Esk Road, Montrose

An Angus councillor has raised concerns about flytipping near a local beauty spot.

David May says he has been contacted about waste, which he believes is garden waste, being dumped beside Montrose Basin.

The Montrose councillor said he believes this is a result of Angus Council introducing a £25 charge for the collection of garden waste.

He said: “I had previously commented that I had very genuine concerns that our Angus figures on flytipping will now escalate even further as the council are now charging £25 for green waste collection, especially as two-thirds of our residents have not taken up this service.

“It is disappointing to be informed of an instance of flytipping of garden waste in Montrose, and sadly this has occurred off Esk Road.

“Furthermore, it also means that when there is high tide the garden waste will go into Montrose Basin.

“I hope that residents will give as much help to the council to identify those who are flytipping, as it is clear that it is the council who are clearing up what has been dumped, and this costs money.”

The council’s garden waste subscription service started on July 4.

Only customers in the existing collection areas were able to use this service, excluding those on road-end collections.

Householders had to register before June 24 to ensure all collections.

The fortnightly service costs £25 per bin from July 4, 2016 to July 3, 2017.

There are no exemptions or concessions.

The local authority states on its website there will be no collections over December and January because participation in the past has been very low and it will use this break to collect any unwanted garden waste bins.

An Angus Council spokesman said: “There has been no increase in reported flytipping since the start of our new garden waste collection scheme on July 4, to which almost 20,000 households have now subscribed.

“In July we have received 14 complaints of flytipping, one of which was for green waste. We received 28 reports during the same period in 2015 (one for green waste).

“In the month prior to the subscription service, we received 36 flytipping complaints, seven of those for green waste, so complaints have actually reduced this month.

“It is important to remember that we were faced with finding almost £400,000 from a review of our garden waste collection service, and the alternative was to stop providing this non-statutory service altogether. Many councils simply choose not to provide a garden waste collection service.

“All members of the Communities Committee agreed to the introduction of a subscription service so that people were offered the option of paying a small annual charge should they wish to continue to have their garden waste collected.

“Angus receives comparatively fewer fly tipping complaints than our other local authority neighbours, but we are not complacent about this issue.

“Information and evidence from our communities is invaluable.

“If you see fly tipping taking place or have information that could help trace those responsible, please report it via our website or to our ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778.”