Food Life’s having the good life!

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An Angus artisan food collective has been given the rare opportunity to appear at the Scottish Rural Parliament and also host a special workshop.

The Food Life has been named as this year’s winner of the Angus category of the Rural Innovators Award, organised by the Scottish Rural Parliament.

Receiving 53 per cent of the public vote The Food Life won out over other Angus projects including DD8 Music, Ogilvy Spirits and Angus Farmers Market.

The project describes itself as a “new real food loving collective, showcasing epic local & foraged produce through rural and urban Street Food Pop-ups. The collective of Angus based fisherman, farmers, retailers, food vendors and primary producers works for each other, not just for self-benefit, across the whole supply chain.”

National Coordinator for the Scottish Rural Parliament Emma Cooper said: “This year’s awards were extremely competitive, and the high quality of all the projects across all categories reflects the high level of talent we have in rural Scotland. The Food Life is a wonderful project, and a very worthy winner in the Angus category.

“We hope the awards will inspire other groups to take forward their ideas for the future.”

The Food Life, along with the winners in the other categories, have now been invited to present their project to delegates attending the Scottish Rural Parliament 2016, taking place from October 6-8 2016, at Brechin Community Campus, Angus.

The Food Life will also be hosting the ‘Want Good Food Available Locally for All?’ workshop on October 8, at the Scottish Rural Parliament, which will be free for the public to attend.