Forfar father of two is latest lotto winner

A Forfar man who won Saturday’s £10million jackpot initially thought he had won £10,000.

It was only when a friend pointed out his mistake to John Bowman that the penny dropped regarding the magnitude of his windfall.

Lottery winner John Bowman with his daughter Emma.

Lottery winner John Bowman with his daughter Emma.

The 59-year-old, who bought his ticket at RS McColl on East High Street, said he had initially checked his numbers on Sunday morning and had taken his ticket to a friend for corroboration.

He said: “I went over to a friend’s so he could double check it for me and when he looked it up on his phone he realised it was actually 1,000 times that amount - £10,317,199 to be exact! I was delighted.

“I went back home and phoned my two daughters, I told them to sit down because I had some news for them - they didn’t believe me at first.”

John has played Lotto since it launched more than 20 years ago, playing five lines of the same numbers every week. When 10 extra balls were added to Lotto last October John decided to update his lines to include some of the new numbers.

He added: “I’ve played the Lottery since it started but I haven’t had any big wins, just three numbers here and there. When the new balls were introduced I thought I better update my lines to include some numbers in the 50s. Lucky I did because my winning line had 51 and 55 in it.”

He now intends to splash out on a place in the sun with some of his winnings although he said the first thing he did was to take care of his daughters Lisa (28) and Emma (26). He also intends to share some of his good fortune with other family and friends.

He continued: “I want to buy a home abroad, somewhere with plenty of sun, and I also like travelling so I’ll be looking at holidays in Europe. I enjoy Formula 1 too so I think a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix will be on the cards.”

A former St Johnstone player, John is a keen sports fan and when he was younger, is still a sports fan: “I enjoy watching football but I don’t support any particular team. I quite often go along to see my local side Forfar Athletic so I’ll keep doing that.

“The win also means I’ll have plenty of time to play more golf and bowls, I’m a member of Canmore Bowling Club.”

One thing John will not be doing is heading back to work as a ladder builder for local firm Ramsay Ladders.

He said: “They are a lovely local family business. I’ve been in touch and they are all delighted for me but I won’t be keeping on my job.”