Former Ambulance Station in Montrose to be a day care centre

Sandy Moncur outside the former ambulance station where the  new day care centre will be built.
Sandy Moncur outside the former ambulance station where the new day care centre will be built.

The former ambulance station in Montrose will be demolished to make way for a new adult day care centre.

The station on Warrack Terrace will be knocked down and the current facility in the old St Mary’s Church, on Panmure Place, will be moved into a new building.

Day care centre staff say the old church lets in very little light and has high ceilings, making it costly for them to heat.

There is also no parking for the buses which pick up and drop off the elderly people who use the centre.

Angus councillors approved the plans for the new facility even though residents of Warrack Terrace objected it.

One of the concerns residents raised was an increase of parked cars down the narrow street, but the new day care centre will have on-site parking for the buses, as well as for staff and visitors.

A legacy donation will pay of the majority of the new building but staff will have to find additional funding from other sources.

Sandy Moncur, chairman of the directors, said: “The present day care centre is located in a converted church hall building and users have to negotiate a 50 metre walk to and from the main door and some find this difficult, particularly during inclement weather conditions.

“While considerable interior improvements have been carried out to the present building to meet the increasing needs of users, further alterations would not be a viable option.

“The proposed new centre will enhance the excellent service presently provided by the dedicated staff group.

“The new site is ideal, being located in a green belt area and has the added advantage of matching the aspirations of both staff and users of the facility.

“The planned new centre has been superbly designed to maximise comfort and care of those attending the centre, staffing procedures, accessibility and storage.

“Service users, as well as their families and friends, will find the new building to be ideal to meet their needs.

“Additionally, the new custom-built centre will be a great asset to Montrose and the surrounding area as it will meet the future needs of older people and also ensure the continue provision of local day care services.”

The latest application was the second attempt to transform the unused building into the new Montrose Day Care Centre. An application was launched last May, but it was withdrawn after residents in Warrack Terrace objected the proposal.

The new application was for a smaller day care centre, which will include renewable energy, such as solar thermal panels, to alleviate the heating issues.

Mr Moncur added: “The centre has been extremely fortunate to have received a very generous and substantial legacy from the estate of the Adam family for which we will be forever grateful.”

Mr Moncur concluded that they hope that work on the new facility will begin before the summer and that it will be completed by summer 2015.