Former homeless unit in Montrose to go on open market

The former homeless unit at Queen's Close.
The former homeless unit at Queen's Close.

An old homeless unit which was subject to a £350,000 refurbishment after it was gutted by a fire eight years ago will be put on the open market.

Angus Council is selling the property at Queen’s Close, Montrose, which was closed after being damaged by fire in 2007.

The Review understands that the four-storey building was offered on two separate occasions to Hillcrest Housing Association to provide another homeless service following the refurbishment, but they deemed it not fit for purpose.

However, Angus Council says local residents have told the authority that they did not want the property to be used as a homeless centre.

The council has also said it deems the property to not be a “effective” for use by the body.

While it was operational neighbouring property owners made several formal complaints to the council about the unit.

A council spokesman said: “The property was subject to an approximate £355,000 refurbishment after it was badly damaged by fire several years ago.

“In common with other council buildings, it has been subject to appropriate maintenance over the intervening years, while opportunities for its use have been explored.

“We are currently rationalising our property portfolio and identifying surplus buildings to ensure that what properties we retain meet the needs of the council and its customers.

“At the same time, we have been consulting Angus citizens on how we can best provide our services.

“Both these activities concluded that Queen’s Close is not required as a homeless unit and would not be effective for any other council use.

“It is, therefore, surplus to requirements.

“We now provide temporary accommodation for homeless people in individual housing units integrated within communities throughout Angus.

“This is in response to what customers have told us.

“It enables them to stay close to their support networks of family and friends and it is also more cost effective than running large single buildings with multiple units.

“Furthermore, residents in Montrose told us they did not want the building in Queen’s Close to be used as a homeless unit.

“We listened to these comments and the building will be put on the open market shortly.”

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