Former Montrose Academy teacher publishes second book about maths

A retired Montrose Academy maths teacher has published a second book about the subject which she based her career on.

As a follow up to her successful and amusing maths book, ‘A Slice of Pi’ Liz Strachan, who was a maths teacher for 36 years, has written a second book.

Her writing career started just before she retired when, on a whim, she entered and won first prize in the European Letter Writer of the Year Competition

The new book, ‘Numbers are Forever’, has been published by Constable, London.

Mrs Strachan said: “This book is light and easy to understand and is about whole numbers and nothing but whole numbers.

“But amongst these whole numbers are happy numbers, lucky numbers, untouchable, weird, narcissistic, evil and even deficient numbers not to mention nice Friedman numbers and multi-legged repunits.”

‘Numbers are Forever’ is available in Waterstones and other book shops, but Montrosians can get it in Henry Hoggs, on the High Street, and in Montrose Library.