Four Montrose names on building blacklist

IN RECENT weeks there has been significant national publicity about a ‘blacklist’ circulating among construction industry employers, naming potential employees who are deemed to be troublemakers, and who are not recommended for employment.

Now the GMB union has told the Review that four of those named in Scotland, out of a total of 582, have Montrose addresses.

For obvious reasons nobody is named, but if any of them wish to contact the newspaper to give further details, we would be pleased to hear from them.

The blacklist first came to light when in 2009 when the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) seized a Consulting Association database of 3,213 construction workers which was used by 44 companies to vet new recruits and keep out of employment trade union and health and safety activists. The ICO never contacted anyone on the list to let them know they were blacklisted.

The GMB says: “People have been deprived of an honest living through these illegal tactics which have blighted their families’ lives and not a single company has yet been punished nor have any of them paid compensation.”

GMB is calling on councils not to award any new public work to the companies that operated the blacklist till they compensate those they damaged.