Free CPR training offered

HEARTSTART Discovery is offering free training sessions in emergency life support for people across Tayside.

Recent British Heart Foundation adverts feature Vinny Jones showing how to give ‘hands only’ CPR. The technique of pressing “hard and fast” on the chest can be used by people who are untrained or who are unable or unwilling to give mouth-to-mouth ventilations.

The ‘gold standard’ CPR as set out in the UK Resuscitation Guidelines remains chest compressions and mouth-to mouth ventilations and this is the technique which will continue to be taught at all Heartstart Discovery sessions.

Performing emergency life support, a set of actions needed to keep someone alive until professional help arrives, gives a casualty the best possible chance of survival.

Courses are free and training sessions can be arranged, on request, for groups, organisations, clubs and schools.

Further details are available from Helen Brady on 01382 740400, or by e-mailing