Fund to tackle community issues

NHS TAYSIDE has launched a pioneering £2 million fund to help tackle some of the main challenges faced by communities across Tayside.

The cash4communities project will allow members of the public to apply for a share of the fund to take forward their own ideas of what they believe will make the greatest difference to their own health and well-being and the lives of their families.

The health authority has asked local people what they would like to change about their lives and where they live. The responses indicate concerns not only with health but also with also with housing, vandalism, feeling safe and having no clean, safe outdoor spaces people can go with their families.

The fund aims to help to enhance communities’ environments, promote community spirit and inspire pride in neighbourhoods.

Groups are invited to apply for grants of between £500 and £35,000 on an annual basis to establish projects or take action to tackle issues affecting the everyday lives of people in communities. Further information about how to apply can be obtained online at

Dr Drew Walker, director of public health, said: “We know that people and their families often have problems with the environment in which they live with issues like vandalism, no safe places for their children to play and the impact of drugs on their street or community.

“All of these issues occur more frequently in more disadvantaged communities and that is why we believe the cash4communities project will play a vital role in supporting local people to make decisions on the changes they want to see and help them improve the health, well-being and resilience of their own communities.”