Funding aim for film

MONTROSE film-maker Anthony Baxter is making a bid to take global his documentary about Donald Trump’s north east golf development.

‘You’ve Been Trumped’ follows the development of Mr Trump’s £750 million golf resort at the Menie Estate in Aberdeenshire and the controversy which has surrounded the project.

The multi-award winning 95-minute documentary has been shown at film festivals around the world, but Mr Baxter is now launching a campaign through funding website IndieGoGo to raise $40,000 continue its distribution to both US and European cinemas.

He has already mounted a campaign through the site which helped to finish off ‘You’ve Been Trumped’, the response to which he said has been both humbling and amazing. As well as winning seven awards, the film has also attracted the support of independent documentary maker Michael Moore.

Mr Baxter said: “The enthusiastic response of audiences at film festivals around the world and the inspirational support of Michael Moore has prompted us to seek distribution for You’ve Been Trumped so cinema-goers everywhere can see for themselves what an international film jury called ‘one of the worse environmental crimes in recent UK history.”