Gardyne Theatre prepares to tell the Mary Slessor story

COMMEMORATED on the Clydedale Bank’s £10 for years African missionary Mary Slessor continues to elicit interest nearly a century after her death.

Although born in Aberdeen, the missionary has in some ways become the most celebrated of Dundee mill-workers, the Clydesdale Bank choosing to replace another Scot with African connections, David Livingstone, with the ‘Mother of All the Peoples’ on their bank note in 1998.

Anyone with an interest in this enigmatic character can find out more about her in a musical play, written by Mike Gibb, at the Gardyne Theatre at Dundee College.

The play explores the life and work of this remarkable woman, who despite coming from the lowliest of beginnings achieved so much as a missionary in Calabar in present-day Nigeria.

Running from Thursday-Saturday, March 22-24, The Mother of All The Peoples examines how a poorly-educated young woman who only received part time schooling as she was employed in a mill the rest of the time managed, through her faith and hard work to achieve her ambition of doing mission work in Africa.

Mary combated a superstition among the people of the Calabar region which saw them kill twin babies and put an end to the practice.

The former mill girl also helped the region’s women, work that continues to this day in Nigeria and requires sustained financial support, hence the play which is aimed at raising cash to fund these on-going projects.

Tickets for the Gardyne Theatre are available via the Dundee City box office (01382 434940).