GE Oil and Gas impresses MP

ANGUS MP Mike Weir and North East MSP Nigel Don recently visited the Montrose facility of GE Oil and Gas to see the work being carried out by the company in manufacturing and restoring oil field equipment.

Mr Weir and Mr Don were shown around the two sites operated by the company in the town meeting senior staff and workers.

Commenting on the visit Mr Weir said: “When we hear so much about economic difficulties it was really good to be able to visit such a success story. GE Oil and Gas have an excellent business in Montrose and, indeed, it is a world leader in the refurbishment of oil field equipment.

“This is the sort of business that we need to encourage and build upon for the future. I was especially pleased to meet several of the apprentices who have trained in GE.

“Skills in such industries are essential for the future and should be transferable to the growing offshore wind industry.”

Mr Don added: “As someone with an engineering background I was fascinated to learn more about the very advanced processes that GE carry out at Montrose. The scale and complexity of the equipment is breathtaking.

“It is good to see such a successful offshore company based in Montrose.”