Ghosthunters capture spirit voices in Montrose

AS HALLOWEEN approaches, ghost hunters are pouring over data recorded at Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre as they try to determine whether spirits lurk at the former RAF base.

Last month, investigators from Paranormal Research Scotland visited the air station museum at Waldron Road to look into claims that it has been haunted since the end of WWI.

Tales of Desmond Arthur's ghost are well known throughout the country, but there have been stories of other souls lingering at the former aerodrome, Britain's first operational airfield.

Dundee-based investigators Karen McAulay and Donna Tindal - together with new member Sam Gordon - filmed hours of footage during their overnight stay on September 20-21. While the data is inconclusive, Karen said unexplained voices were recorded during the evening.

The team are almost certain they didn't hear from Desmond Arthur; although they did record the voice of a man who identified himself as Sergeant Jackson using a technique called EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon.

She said: "We've been investigating the paranormal since 2006 and we've always been interested in the fact that Montrose was so obviously haunted.

"The other thing is the history aspect of the station, which really intrigued me. I think what's really interesting though is that it is not just one person that's seen something, but many different people from different backgrounds that have different experiences

"We did get something when we were there, the name of a Sergeant Jackson. We've got a recording of him saying 'glad to be here,' but every time we asked him a question the recorder stopped.

"We've also got a Desmond, but we don't think it's the Desmond Arthur."

Clips of their visit to Montrose are currently posted on the video sharing website YouTube, with more to follow in the near future.

But one ghost story the team feel they have put to bed is the tales of ghost planes flying overhead. They quickly discovered that the nearby Victoria Bridge would make a similar noise every time traffic passed over it.

While their first visit may have been inconclusive, the team are set to return when the centre re-opens for its new season next April with a two-fold objective; to further investigate the possibility of ghosts, and to raise funds towards the operation of the centre.

They believe that the station may be 'rife' with ghosts, and claim it is as haunted as Strathmartin Hospital in Dundee, which they have visited over 20 times during their search for proof of ghosts.

To view the clips of Paranormal Research Scotland's research at RAF Montrose, log on to their website at

The group is also keen to hear from anyone who has had ghostly experiences at the former aerodrome, and can be contacted via their website.