Glorious gothic at Bank Street

'This is Hell', one of the works in the exhibition at Bank Street Gallery,
'This is Hell', one of the works in the exhibition at Bank Street Gallery,

Kirriemuir artist Emma L Pawley’s latest exhibition has opened at Bank Street Gallery in the town.

Slipping into the current vogue for vampires and all things gothic, Emma brings a quirky eye to a very popular subject. At first glance, her work is modern in the comic-book style; the content conjures thoughts of mythical beings, legendary tales of fantasy and zombie folklore.

But her work triggers a much more cerebral response to the observer’s initial ‘pigeon-holing’ reaction.

Technically the work is honed, creating beauty in a dark arena. This exhibition in pen and ink is worth a visit just for that.

Although she grew up in Angus Emma has travelled considerably, and when you examine content you see that her heroes and heroines - whether of human or animal derivation - have lived a bit. Each picture tells a tale and a pretty mature tale at that.

Often with a note of humour, the youthful impact of this show raises more questions than it answers. Well observed, these images ultimately tell us more about ourselves as we try to understand something of the image - and so too the artist.

This very modern work is brought to the canvas with a disarmingly mature eye and the exhibition runs at the Bank Street Gallery until Friday, June 13.