Gnome sweet gnome in Montrose

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Glen Prosen Street in Montrose has always been a nice, quiet place to live, but recently new neighbours have moved into the area.

A family of giant gnomes have taken up residence in the front garden of Jim and Anne Chrystall.

The first, ‘Dad Gnome,’ now sits in the model animal and mock flower-filled space after Jim spotted him out shopping.

Jim said: “I saw him sitting outside ASDA and I said to Anne, ‘that would look great in the garden’, so he was bought and that started things off.”

Jim and Anne are corgi fanatics and regularly show their dogs to great success. Their front room is literally smothered in red rosettes and trophies.

Anne said: “Jim always likes to put on a good show for the local children with his Christmas light display and now, with our gnome collection, he has gone to town.

“He was busy on the Internet looking at gnomes the other day and couldn’t resist buying the ‘Mum Gnome’ by mail order.”

Jim said: “ It was my birthday recently and my neighbour said she would get one for me as did Anne so now I have the whole family.”

An anonymous tip off from a neighbour told the paper it was impossible to go past the Glen Prosen address without having a smile and a chuckle.

As well as the gnome family there are farm animals, wishing wells and windmills.

One gnome Jim calls Cedric lights up at night.

Jim said: “Now I am retired I have time to paint them and make the garden beautiful.

“I just hope everyone likes them as much as I do.”

Jim’s display proves there’s no place like gnome.