Good causes make for good reading

The Montrose Review has been full of good news stories such as local people participating in various sporting events whilst raising money for charity.

There is nothing better than hearing and writing about what good citizens put their bodies and minds through in order to raise funds for various worthy charities.

We have had stories about 100 mile bicycle rides, abseiling, parachute jumping, marathons and much, much more.

There are always plenty of exciting (be it good or not so good) things happening around the town to keep me busy.

I really enjoy working on the nostalgia pages each week - the photos we receive of the town are incredible.

This ‘In My View’ also celebrates a year of me being at the paper and I am thoroughly enjoying every single second.

Thanks for having me and putting up with some of my nonsense, it really means a lot!

Through the good and the bad you can always guarantee that your Montrose Review will bring you the best selection of local news and sport - and for that I am very proud.

One last thing before I sign off ... by the time this goes to print I will have turned 23 years old (on June 15) - how time flies!