Good food for good prices at The Picture House

The Picture House has something for everyone from families to friends
The Picture House has something for everyone from families to friends

Montrose may not have a cinema but it does have The Picture House bar where you can enjoy a drink or grab a bite to eat.

The family sports bar is in the town’s former cinema building, and my friend and I popped in one evening to try out the Hume Street bar and eatery’s new menu.

Having dairy and wheat intolerances can often make going out for meals difficult for me. The Picture House’s new menu had a good few gluten and wheat, as well as dairy-free, options.

To start I had the lentil soup with gluten-free bread. It was a good portion size and came piping hot - I hate lukewarm soup, so they get a Brucey Bonus Point from me for that. My friend had some tasty garlic bread, topped with gooey melted cheese to start.

For my main course I had the flavourful and aromatic chilli ramen noodles, to which I asked the chef to add some chicken for me, which they happily did. It was nice to see something different on a pub menu. I also had a portion of their fries, which were lovely and crisp on the outside.

My friend ordered the steak for her main. She said the prices were very reasonable for the food served, her steak, which she ordered rare, was perfectly cooked and she really enjoyed the chilled-out atmosphere.

I would have to agree with her on the atmosphere. What I like about The Picture House when you walk in is there are groups of friends enjoying a drink, as well as families eating a meal. It is a place where everyone can go to relax and enjoy themselves.

The food came in good time. I didn’t feel like we were waiting ages for it and neither did I feel like it was in with one course and out with the next. My friend and I were able to sit and have a chat and enjoy a glass of wine in between the courses.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a dessert option that I could have. Although I was pretty full by this point.

Some restaurants I have been to serve sorbet, which is an easy dairy and wheat/gluten-free dessert option. However, I would like to see restaurants in general try and go one step further and serve a cake or pudding that people like myself could eat.

My friend on the other hand has no food allergies and happily ordered some yummy and fluffy pancakes.