‘Grease’ is the word for Song Shop youngsters

THE SMASH hit musical ‘Grease’ will be The Song Shop’s next production, which will be staged in Montrose Town Hall in June.

The musical film version, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John, quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, and the stage version has captured the hearts of millions, playing professionally in the West End and on tour in the UK for the last 20 years. The songs have crossed many age barriers, and still appeal to the “younger” generation, despite being around for almost four decades.

Fraser McGlynn, founder of The Song Shop, said: “We are delighted that we are being given the opportunity to perform Grease. For a long time the show could only be performed by schools, on school premises, but a recent chance conversation allowed us to discuss the possibility with the rights holders, and luckily permission has been given for us to present what is for some the most popular musical ever.”

The news is all the more relevant since former Song Shop student and teacher Llandyll Gove was a member of the latest touring cast, which finished its run on December 30. It was during a break in the tour’s schedule that Llandyll performed last month in The Song Shop’s pantomime Sleeping Beauty.

The show will be cast before Easter and, with a nine-week rehearsal period, the production team of Kenny Christie, Fraser McGlynn and Judith McGlynn is already looking forward to bringing Grease to the town hall stage.

Further information is available by contacting Fraser McGlynn on 01674 673236 or by e-mailing fraser@thesongshop.force9.co.uk.