Group against legal highs in England seeks help from Montrose and Arbroath group

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A group against legal highs from England has sought advice from the Arbroath and Montrose Against Legal Highs campaign.

The local groups were set up to stop the sale of new psychoactive substances (NPS), commonly known as legal highs, in Angus. They joined forces a few months ago.

Derek Wann, member of the group, said: “I was contacted by a similar group in Somerset who have joined our Facebook page for Arbroath/Montrose Against Legal Highs. As you can imagine they have the exact same issues as we do in Angus with the sale of legal highs from shops on their high streets and would like to discuss with us our progress and what action we have taken over the last 11 months.

“This campaign is nearing one year and we feel we have raised huge awareness in our local area to the dangers of these substances but a lot more needs to be done by the local authorities and government.”

Earlier in the year, the legal high shops in both Montrose and Arbroath were raided by the police.

Mr Wann added: “We have yet to hear back from Police Scotland after their raid on the shops where they took away some products for lab testing. It was indicated at the time that it would be a few months until the reports came back. Surely that is about now? This campaign still continues with more than 3,000 members combined from the Arbroath and Montrose Facebook pages, showing that concern is still in the forefront of everyone’s minds.

“We still hear weekly of the horrible effects these NPS have on people and family lives and the sale of these products should be banned and our group continues to campaign for this.”