Guides in Montrose celebrate 100 years

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Guides, leaders and parents, both past and present, gathered in Borrowfield Community Centre to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the 1st Montrose Guide Unit.

In September 1914, Miss Lily Birse asked any interested girls to go along to a meeting to form themselves into, in what was called in those days, a Guide Company in the town.

A total of 59 girls, aged between 12 and 18 turned up for that initial meeting and the Company was formed.

Lynne Chrystal, who has been a brownie, guide and leader at 1st Montrose Guides, and has been with the unit for 32 years, is stepping down as leader. She will now be assistant leader as she “can’t quite give it all up yet”.

Lynne said: “Many hundreds of girls and leaders have been part of the unit over the past 100 years and from the voices of these first girls to the voices of girls today, the movement has given them a safe, girls-only space, where they can have fun, adventure, make friends and enjoy 
unique experiences.”