Hard-hitting talk for natural history society

DAVID Lampard, Curator of Geology and Zoology at the McManus Gallery and Museum in Dundee, will give an illustrated talk on the subject of meteorites at Montrose Natural History and Antiquarian Society’s meeting tomorrow.

In particular, he will discuss the Strathmore Meteorite which exploded in the air north of Dundee and fell to the ground in several pieces at Essendy and Keithick in Perthshire in 1917. Its arrival in Tayside on December 3 was greeted more with alarm than excitement. With the First World War still at its peak, the sight of a fireball in the sky raised fears that the area was under bombardment. The same feelings no doubt affected the citizens of Chelyabinsk in Russia in January this year when a large meteorite plunged through the ice into a nearby lake, and a large number of people were injured.

The Tayside example is important because it is part of one of only three observed meteorite falls in Scotland.

The meeting will be held in Montrose Museum on Tuesday (March 12) at 7.30pm, doors open at 7pm.