Hazards in Ferryden under discussion

Fears were expressed at the September meeting of Ferryden and Craig Community Council about potential subsidence of the banking from Beacon Terrace to Victoria Square.

Councillor Mark Salmond has advised the community council that Angus Council does not own the ground, and it is unclear who does.

However, it was noted that if it was to subside it would affect the road at Beacon Terrace.

There was discussion about the path between 9 and 11 River Street. A complaint has been raised about this as residents feel it is dangerous with a number of trip hazards on the rough surface.

Again Angus Council advises that this is nothing to do with them, albeit this is a right of way.

Members agreed on a site visit and believe it is either a parcel of land under the patronage of the Ferryden Trust or it will be owned by the homeowners.

One of the residents will check their deeds and update the community council.