Health bossies in Tayside are “on track” to open Montrose GP Unit

Montrose Infirmary
Montrose Infirmary

Health chiefs in Tayside say they are “on track” to open the GP Unit at Montrose Infirmary within the next three weeks.

The community maternity unit at the hospital has been fully operational, including a full range of maternity services since Saturday, 21 June, following the infirmary’s almost seven week closure after a heating and water system failure.

A spokesperson from NHS Tayside said: “The GP Unit is on track to open within the next three weeks.

“This week, the senior charge nurse of the Montrose GP Unit has been restocking supplies and making arrangements for equipment to be transferred back from Brechin.

Nursing staff will continue to prepare to reopen the unit over the coming days and work towards recommissioning the ward.

Montrose patients continue to be admitted directly to the Inpatient Unit at Brechin Infirmary.

“There are currently six Montrose patients being cared for at Brechin.”

“We will continue to issue regular updates on the progress to local communities, to our patients and their families, local councillors, MSPs and MPs and local GPs and through the media and on our online and social media pages.”

The spokesperson added: “There have been three births in the unit this week and all services are back to business as usual.”

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