Charity extending lip reading classes to Angus

Deaf Links is keen to gauge the interest in lip reading classes in Angus.
Deaf Links is keen to gauge the interest in lip reading classes in Angus.

A Tayside charity is keen to improve local services for deaf and hard of hearing people in Angus by starting lip-reading classes in the area.

Deaf Links is keen to start these in partnership with Angus Council’s See Hear Working Group but needs to gauge the demand for classes across the county.

Lip reading is an age old technique where a speaker is “listened to” by watching his or her face to figure out their speech patterns, facial movements, gestures and expressions.

The charity says that communication is part of human contact and essential for quality of life and lip reading’s use of vision to assist with listening helps to avoid the frustrations that accompany hearing loss.

Deaf Links is a well-established charity which works across the whole of Tayside and has successfully run lip reading classes in Dundee.

The classes are run by a qualified and experienced tutor who will guide deaf and hard of hearing people through two-hour sessions that will improve their communication skills and boost self-confidence.

People with hearing loss can begin to isolate themselves from long-time friends and avoid the social situations that they used to enjoy, becoming passive observers of life instead of active participants.

The difficulties of hearing loss can cause some people to give up work before they really want to.

A Deaf Links spokesman said: “Angus residents already travel to Dundee to attend lip-reading classes and people with hearing loss from any age group should consider this practical communication technique.

“It makes good sense to have classes nearer to where people live and work.”

Anyone who would like further information about the extention of lip reading classes to Angus should contact Michelle Donoghue, health advocacy worker at or by by telephoning 01382 201077 or texting 07745 347567.

The initial interest expressed does not commit anyone to anything other than receiving more information about possible classes.

Family members and friends of people with hearing loss are also welcome express and interest on behalf of someone else they think might benefit from classes.