Chronic pain help on-line

Free online course for those living with chronic pain Angus residents living with chronic or persistent pain are invited to take part in Pathway through Pain, a free online course to help adults better manage their pain.

The programme includes education about chronic pain, aids to avoid flare-ups and increase pain tolerance, an introduction to and the setting of personal goals, instruction and practice of simple stretches to improve body condition.

It will also cover meditation and mindfulness techniques, how to challenge unhelpful thoughts, relaxation and sleep.

The online programme is easy to use and requires only basic computing skills. The course consists of 24 video-based modules of about 20 minutes each, which suits people with chronic pain who often complain of poor concentration. The programme should take about two months to complete.

Rhona Guild, Primary Care Manager at NHS Tayside, said: “The programme has been available for a few years as one of the chronic pain management options in Angus. Those who have completed the course have reported significant improvements in health, reductions in disability, anxiety and depression.

“The course is not a cure for chronic pain, but may help participants to feel more in control of their pain and better prepared for flare-ups.”

The course is free for Angus residents or anyone who is registered with an Angus general practice. The course is funded by Angus Community Health Partnership and delivered by Wellmind Media.

For further information or to sign up for this programme, please e-mail or call the Primary Care Team on 01307 474889.