Falls prevention will help care residents

A STRACATHRO session in falls prevention is set to benefit Angus care home residents.

The training event was organised by NHS Tayside, Angus Council and supported by the Care Inspectorate. It was aimed at staff working in care homes.

Around 35 care home staff from across the county attended the training programme.

The event focused on raising awareness of the ‘Preventing falls and fractures in care homes’ resource.

Participants took part in interactive group sessions, learning about different ways they can help to prevent falls in their care homes.

Falls not only result in bruising and in some cases fractures but they can, in many cases, contribute to a loss of mobility confidence for many.

There are many factors that increase the risk of falls as we age, but falls are not inevitable and there are many different things people can do to prevent them.

NHS Tayside health professionals and representatives from Angus Council covered a range of topics aimed at falls prevention including exercises, foot care and footwear, bone health and medications, visual impairment and telecare solutions.

The training session highlighted to care home staff that many slips, trips and falls in care homes are preventable and that injuries arising from a fall can be avoided by prior intervention.

Post-fall assessment, review and action plans can also help reduce the likelihood of further falls.

Angus Falls Service Co-ordinator Laura Gallon said: “This is the first training event for care home staff the Angus Falls Service has delivered so we were delighted to see over 20 care homes represented. We hope that as a result of today, the importance of falls prevention will be highlighted and staff will implement changes in their care home environments to reduce the falls risk in such homes throughout Angus.”

Angus Council Convener of Social Work and Health, Councillor Glennis Middleton said: “We are glad to working with our partners in NHS Tayside to make concerted efforts to prevent falls amongst our care home residents.

“We hope that staff will benefit from the training.”