Graham now on Youtube clip

MONTROSE man Graham Henderson is featured in the latest trailer for a new documentary focusing on the lives of adults with cerebral palsy.

The online clip, which was uploaded to the film-makers’ website last week, features Graham talking briefly about people’s reactions to his impairment and is a prelude to his appearance in the final documentary, which is still in production.

‘The Nerves of Us’ is the first major film to focus on cerebral palsy (CP) in adults and will follow people living with CP in China, Russia, the US, UK, India and South Africa, showing how different cultures define disability and how differing attitudes influence available treatments.

A non-genetic condition caused by brain damage at birth, all forms of Cerebral Palsy are life-long disabilities with, in most cases, severe impairment of mobility in the muscle-tightness form.

It will also highlight the spinal procedure selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR), which, although it has been around for almost 30 years and has transformed many lives, is still regarded as a controversial operation and the documentary will also examine why the surgical option is not offered to more adults.

Graham became involved with the project after answering an appeal for participants through Facebook, with the hope that his inclusion might help his own cause of undergoing the SDR procedure.

If successful, at 44, he would be one of the oldest people in the UK to have the operation.

Graham this week said that since going public through The Review at the end of February, he feels perceptions and attitudes have changed slightly. He has also been referred to a neurosurgeon at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee and is currently awaiting a consultation.

He said: “I’m just waiting to get an appointment for CT scans and stuff like that to be done, but I see it as progress to get a referral in Tayside so hopefully we might be starting to get the doctors to change their minds.

“I’ve been in constant touch with Capability Scotland since all the publicity and even they have said I’ve helped to widen out the debate.

“Even walking along the street people have been acknowledging me more because of it, and it makes a difference.”

Graham added that although he is in regular touch with Nico Phillips, the film’s director, and producer Peter Fraser he has yet to find out when the film crew will be in Montrose.

He continued: “I don’t know when they’re coming up to film and I think it all comes down to money. Up to now Nico has been paying for it himself and although they had hoped to get some donations they only got about a tenth of what they had hoped for.

“These guys are helping me, if they find something out they’ll phone me and we’re working in tandem. They’re fund-raising to make the film and if I can help by publicising it I will.”

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