Helping those with dementia to understand

A DVD intended to assist people recently been diagnosed with dementia has taken place at the Carnoustie Golf Hotel.

The DVD, ‘Living well with dementia’ was produced by NHS Health Scotland in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland and the Scottish Dementia Working Group.

Margaret Burns, Chair of NHS Health Scotland said: “With an ageing population, the number of people who will be diagnosed with dementia is expected to double over the next 25 years. This DVD has been developed for people who have recently been given a diagnosis of dementia. It features people with dementia and their carers who explain how they cope with this illness – emotionally and practically – and how to live well after diagnosis.”

Agnes Houston, chairman of the Scottish Dementia Working Group, said: “Written information is very important but it doesn’t necessarily lessen your sense of isolation, of feeling you are on your own, which is a common feeling following diagnosis. That is why this new DVD is so important.”

Free copies of the DVD will be distributed to carers throughout Scotland and are also available from or through the Alzheimer Scotland helpline on 0808 808 3000.